Fifty years Memorial Monumnet of Atomic Bombing
Fifty years Memorial Monumnet of Atomic Bombing
In 2013, 51 years after its establishment, our Institute (GENKEN) changed from one that was attached to School of Medicine (later to Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences) to one that is directly attached to Nagasaki University. 

During this 50 year-period, we have expanded our research activities from the late effect of radiation on atomic bomb survivors in Nagasaki to international Hibakusha medicine and molecular epidemiology at Chernobyl and Semipalatinsk.  Furthermore, after Fukushima nuclear plant crisis in 2011, we have been contributing re-establishment of medical service to emergency radiation exposure, radiation-risk communication/management, and furthermore a start-up of regular check-up system for people in Fukushima prefecture. 

This Institute had three main Units of "Social Medicine Unit", "Radiation Life Science Unit" and "Atomic Bomb Disease and Hibakusha Medicine Unit" (three departments in each) attached with "Division of Scientific Data Registry", which has been transformed new organization, that is constituted by four main Units of “Radiation Risk Control Unit”, “Cellular Function Analysis Unit”, “Genomic Function Analysis Unit” and “Atomic Bomb Disease and Hibakusha Medicine Unit” and also “the Center for Promotion of Collaborative Research on Radiation and Environment Hearth Effects”.  Two new departments were launched; Department of Radiation Biology and Protection and Department of Genome Repair in “Radiation Risk Control Unit” and “Genomic Function Analysis Unit”, respectively.  "Division of Scientific Data Registry" and Belarus and Kawauchi-village Branches are placed under the control of “the Center”.  In total, four staffs were added.

We will continue to provide our unique and valuable Hibakusha's materials and information as a common inheritance to all human beings, and simultaneously to do best with all of our staff to establish the measures for radiation protection in medicine and contribute survival and improvement of welfare of human being in 21st century.
April, 2015
The director Yuji Nagayama